The Story Behind PapanSouls

The Story Behind PapanSouls
By Team Headache   When the founder of Ipoh-based animal shelter, PapanSouls, Keshturi Sivam, saw a social media post about dogs that had been abandoned at the Papan Landfill, along the Ipoh-Lumut highway, she began to visit the site frequently, and felt that “people should know and care about the strays abandoned there.” She then decided to start PapanSouls, and through her tireless efforts, she formed a team of volunteers who could take turns to feed and medicate the dogs’ onsite. There were only about 60 – 80 dogs in the beginning, but the dumping did not stop. As of December 2022, they have recorded 250 dogs at the landfill with another 120 plus dogs (from the landfill) at their temporary safe house.   These stray dogs are caught by the Ipoh City Council (MBI), and released at the Papan landfill where they have no shelter and are at risk of getting knocked down by speeding vehicles. Many dogs were also dumped by their heartless owners. Through PapanSouls’ efforts, they are now feeding and caring for 250 dogs at the landfill, and carrying out their spaying and neutering initiatives to curb the stray dog population there. Frequent adoption drives are organised by the team to help the abandoned pups find new forever homes. PapanSouls aims to raise awareness and educate the public about the plight of strays in our country, and they believe that it is our duty to care for these animals as they are part of our community too.   As the pet-dumping continues, PapanSouls needs more assistance with food, shelter, medical care, and sterilization.  
To help support PapanSouls, donations can be made to:
MAYBANK – 564342627846
Scan the QR code below to donate
Please indicate ‘Dogs of Papan’ in the reference field and send proof of receipt to Nicholas @ 013-2880190
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