Team Peanut Butter's Rewarding Experience

Team Peanut Butter’s Rewarding Experience
By Team Peanut Butter When our project advisor announced that we needed to organise a team project, we were worried that it would not really take-off because it was being done “virtually.” However, we must give credit to our group leader, Leong Di Bin, for his exceptional leadership abilities. Having chosen SPCA Kajang as our beneficiary, we as a team made a commitment to raise as much as we could to help this animal shelter. SPCA Kajang has been in operations for the past 10 years, and is a family of 200 furbabies. It was founded by a member who realised the state of strays and the need to create awareness on animal welfare and rights in Malaysia.Our project went off without a hitch. Every activity was completed successfully and on time thanks to every member’s cooperation. We sincerely believe that this project was very meaningful because, given the fact that we only communicated virtually, it went very well. This project, has encouraged us to learn how to collaborate with people who are not in our immediate circle of friends, including those with diverse backgrounds and experiences. When there were disagreements, we learned to come to come to a common decision, trying to find the best solution together. This assignment has improved teamwork among group members, especially when it came to motivating and assisting one another when difficulties arose. It has also indirectly helped each group member to improve their leadership and teamwork skills. Even though it was difficult to schedule a meeting where everyone could attend, we made time compromises and understood the challenges each one had to go through. We also learned the value and importance of communication. We need to learn how to communicate effectively in order to ensure that the project runs smoothly and without any misunderstandings. Team Peanut Butter is relieved and delighted to have completed this project. Being the first time having to run a project of this scale and having to connect personally with the charity we chose, we honed our event planning and execution, learnt how to collaborate to run a successful event, and learned how to manage and address emergencies. This indeed was a rewarding experience for each and every member of Team Peanut Butter.
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