Save the Animals: Adopt Don't Buy!

Save the Animals: Adopt Don’t Buy!
  Written by Team Infinity     On the 11th of December 2022, Team Infinity held our last webinar titled ‘Save the Animals: Adopt Don’t Buy,’ with esteemed speaker Ms. Kiran Bhatt, the President of Furrykids Safehaven, an animal shelter located in Negeri Sembilan. The event focused on a discussion of the need and importance of animal rights, and how to prevent cases of animal abuse. The talk also aimed to raise awareness about the adoption of animals from shelters and encourage this practice.   The main takeaway from organising and attending this webinar was how to take precautions to prevent animal abuse. From Ms Kiran’s speech, it was apparent that being a responsible pet owner is most important. It’s a role which includes taking good care of our pets by understanding their requirements. Pet owners need to fill the lives of their pets with enriching activities that will improve their well-being, rather than focusing only on meeting their basic needs. They need love, care, and nurturing just as much as they need food, water, and shelter.   The webinar also touched on the subject of animal abuse, and how to handle these situations as a witness. It is vital that we report the issue to the police, or other appropriate authorities, as soon as possible, to stop further cruelty. Furthermore, we have to educate people around us about the consequences of animal abuse. We should help people to realize that they have the power to step in when animals are being mistreated. Animals have a right to exist without fear or pain, and humans have a responsibility to uphold their rights.   During the talk, Ms. Kiran shared a story with the participants about one of their four-legged friends,  taken in some time during the COVID-19 pandemic. When the family first surrendered their dog, it was in healthy condition. However, a few days later, the dog was found dead. According to Ms Kiran, the dog had suffered from separation anxiety when it was abandoned by its owners. The dog may have also struggled to adjust to its new environment with other dogs, as it was very different from the home it had belonged to.   Ms Kiran did clarify that there is no conclusive evidence that explains why dogs develop separation anxiety. However, since more shelter dogs have this behavioural problem, than dogs who have stayed with a single family since puppyhood, it is believed that the loss of an important person or group of people in a dog’s life, can lead to separation anxiety. This story really highlighted the great impact our actions can have on our beloved pets, and how deeply they can be affected by our neglect.   Aside from cases of abandonment, Ms Kiran also explored issues concerning animal rights, in particular, the subjugation of dogs to horrific living situations. Some of the cases shared with the audience include a dog that was chained by its owner for a significant period of time, which led to permanent bruising and scarring around its neck.   Another saddening example was an image of a dog breeding facility, obtained by an insider, which showed the dogs were being housed in extremely cramped cages by the business owner. Owners of breeding farms for dogs are only concerned about raking in profits for their business, and do not care about the living conditions of their dogs. Thus, Ms Kiran emphasized the importance of adopting instead of buying a pet.   We also learned that many people tend to bring pets home without knowing how to care for them properly. As a result, pet owners can become so frustrated, they decide to give up on the animal. Pet trainers advise against hitting or yelling at animals, as that encourages the inappropriate behaviour. Instead, look for training techniques that focus on positive reinforcement to increase your chances of getting along with your furry friend.   Ms Kiran left the attendees of the webinar with some sage advice about preventing more cruelty to animals in the future. Don’t throw away a pet that you no longer want. Domesticated animals are unlikely to survive on the streets, and if they dart into traffic they may even endanger other people’s safety. If you have absolutely no other options, give the animal an opportunity to find a home by giving it to a public shelter or rescue.     For more details on how to help Furrykids Safehaven in the future, check out the links below: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Email:    
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