Post-Event Recap: From Lost To Loved

Post-Event Recap: From Lost To Loved

On the 28th of November 2021 (Sunday), we had our very 1st panel discussion titled From Lost To Loved with esteemed speakers:

  • Ms. Jacqueline Vincent, President of SPCA Kajang;
  • Ms. Wani Mutiah, Founding Director of Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB); and
  • Mr. Mukunnan Sugumaran, Founder of Malaysian Animal Welfare Association (MAWA).


The event was aimed at spreading awareness on neglected strays across the nation, current protections for them and informed suggestions from the speakers regarding what can be done to protect them.


Needless to say, the event was a success- not only did the participants gain insights into the behind-the-scenes efforts involved in running an animal shelter, but they also had the opportunity to listen to heartfelt stories that inspired the panelists to venture into the field of caring stray animals. Everyone in attendance was in awe of the courageous efforts and passion of these speakers in ensuring that no stray in their care was left behind.

In the opinion of Mr. Mukunnan Sugumaran, the current stray situation in Malaysia is getting worse. Social media has helped to an extent, in giving animal activists a platform to spread awareness and simultaneously hold perpetrators of animal cruelty accountable in the public eye, while calling for legal punishment. In retrospect, as Mr. Mukunnan and Ms. Wani Mutiah highlighted, we have seen a higher percentage of these crimes committed by law enforcement authorities themselves.

Tuning into this, it was both a saddening and eye-opening experience as the speakers shared how often they had to take matters into their own hands. Ms. Jacqueline further explained that with little to no government and heavy reliance on donations from family, friends and the general public, she has raked high debts in financing the animal shelter (SPCA Kajang). The speakers chimed in too, stating that they have practically used most of their savings to finance their shelters from veterinary costs to food to the salaries of their workers.


The panel discussion ended on a high note with the speakers encouraging participants to look to the future in developing effective forms of protection for strays, legally. Suggestion given included forming memorandums to urge state legislators and government agencies to end the ongoing discrimination against strays via practices such as on sight killings, to greenlighting mobile vetinary clinics. With respect to these pioneers of stray animal advocacy, it was easy to spot the common theme of big hearts and hard work to successfully persevere through countless obstacles. Passing down the torch to the younger generation in attendance formed the closing remarks and hopes of the panel to our initiative.

If you feel inspired or have that gut-wrenching urge to take action on caring for stray animals and ending animal cruelty, then what are you waiting for? Come join us! If you have any enquiries, contact us on any of our social media platforms such as:





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