Euthanasia in Animal Shelters: The Hard Truth

Euthanasia in Animal Shelters: The Hard Truth
By Team Headache     In Malaysia, stray animals are often found injured or dead on the streets, as they have a high tendency to be involved in car accidents and cruel poisonings. They are usually lost pets that haven’t been properly identified, or pets that were abandoned by their irresponsible owners, leaving them to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, the number of animal dumping cases is only increasing.   Even if a stray is lucky enough to be rescued, animal shelters euthanise up to 5500 animals per day, or approximately 2.7 million a year, due to a lack of resources. Despite the government’s promises for financial aid, animal shelters still depend on community donations to stay operational.   Due to a low funding, many shelters lack the necessary equipment or medical supplies to treat sick and injured animals, making it harder for old and more vulnerable animals to be taken in, or to survive their time in the shelter. Around 80% of shelter animals put to sleep are actually considered healthy and adoptable, but are unfortunately culled due to the limited capacity.   As the human population steadily grows, so does the population of stray animals. Large populations of stray animals can pose a variety of public health concerns. Stray cats and dogs can cause a range of diseases, including rabies, leptospirosis, toxoplasmosis, and tetanus. In residential areas, large populations of stray animals can cause noise disruptions or even injuries to residents, such as dog bites and cat scratches.   It is vital to keep advocating for the protection of strays and their adoption. Adopting these strays or helping your local animal shelter will reduce the number of strays left roaming the streets, and keep both humans and animals safe.         Euthanasia is often a painful process for the stray animals subjected to it. Even a donation of RM10 can help provide for 5-6 animals, and give them a second chance at life.   Your donations make it possible to help more stray animals find safety, shelter, and a new home. With the extra funds, shelters can keep vulnerable animals for a longer time, improving their chances of finding a suitable home, and new owners they can be a companion to, and who will love them in return.    
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