Bring Some Hope to the Dogs of PapanSouls!

Bring Some Hope to the Dogs of PapanSouls!
By Team Headache    

Our Donation Portal is Closing Soon!


And just like that our Christmas donation drive is coming to an end!


During this last stretch of time, we’re calling on all members of the public who are willing, and able to donate.


So, if you’re wondering what you can contribute during this season of giving, donations are still open today!


As the holiday season comes to a close, the small but very dedicated team of PapanSouls hopes to continue to provide for the strays of the landfill. ❤️


All proceeds from our donation drive will go towards food, funding medical treatment, and helping PapanSouls in their continuous efforts to spay and neuter more strays at the landfill.


No amount of donations is too small; all it takes is RM10 to feed 5 dogs from PapanSouls a lovely meal this Christmas.


As said by Mother Teresa,

“It is not how much we give, but how much love is put in the giving.”


If you’d like to show your support, donations can be made by scanning the QR code provided:

Or you can donate to:
MAYBANK – 564342627846
Please indicate ‘Dogs of Papan’ in the reference field and send proof of receipt to Nicholas @ 013-2880190
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