Imagine a future where every dog and cat is safe and wanted

Here for Every Cat and Dog in Need

Launched in November 2021, is a collaborative nationwide campaign by UPLIFT (Pertubuhan Bangkit) to advocate for homeless cats and dogs. We work with rescue groups, shelters, and animal welfare volunteers across Malaysia to advocate for animal welfare and to create a more compassionate world for stray animals.

But we can’t do it alone.
We need your help.

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Current Fundraisers

  1. Cat Beach Penang: Save Our Paws

    Cat Beach is a no-kill, cats only home for 300+ cats rescued from life-or-death situations. This non-govermental oraganisation has been lacking in funds and resources for the cats’ sustenance, medical expenses and proper sheltering.
    RM0.00 donated of RM6,000.00 goal
  2. PapanSouls Need Some Hooman Love!

    Founded and run by a group of volunteers, PapanSouls cares for 250 strays located at the Papan landfill, along the Ipoh-Lumut highway and another 120 dogs at a temporary shelter.
    RM0.00 donated of RM500.00 goal

    Polaroid Photos??? Old school as it may seem...they sure are classic.
    RM0.00 donated of RM3,500.00 goal

Past Fundraisers

  1. Help Our Furry Friends

    SPCA Kajang needs your support at this critical moment to be able to continue feeding the stray dogs in and around Bangar Sg. Long.
    RM1,395.50 donated of RM1,000.00 goal

Tales of Hope